The MOVACT Study: Strategies for increasing physical activity


What's this study about?

The aim of this study is to test strategies for becoming more physically active.

What does participation involve?

The study takes place mainly in your daily life via an electronic activity tracker and short morning surveys on your smartphone. At the beginning of the study, you fill out a short online questionnaire, and there are also short appointments before and after activity tracking at the Laboratory of Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine at the University of Bern.


Who can participate?

You can participate if you are over 18 years old, have sufficient German language skills, and consent to participate in the study.

Why should I participate?

By participating in this study, you are making an important contribution to health psychology research. You also benefit personally from participation in the study: you gain the opportunity to learn more about your everyday physical activity and to test strategies for becoming more physically active. Furthermore, the study offers an insight into health-psychological research methods from the participants' perspective.


Ilona Hannich, cand. M Sc. (ohne Bild)