SelFIT – Selber wieder fit nach einem Unfall

What's this study about?
The SelFIT project of the University of Bern is investigating an online self-help programme for people who have experienced an accident and have problems coping with its consequences. The SelFIT programme offers support in overcoming these adjustment problems.
SelFIT is 12-week online self-help programme that includes various modules. These modules consist of videos, graphics, and info texts. They cover the various ways of dealing with the psychological problems that arise after an accident. You can apply the information presented through a range of exercises. All contents are based on scientifically tested approaches. SelFIT is a medical product that bears the official CE seal of approval of the EU.

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate in the study who was involved in an accident between two weeks and two years ago and since that accident has suffered negative mood, worries, fears, anxieties, or general dissatisfaction as a result of the accident. Since SelFIT is an online self-help programme, the participants must of course also be interested in using such an online programme. Participants must also

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have access to the Internet
  • speak and read German
  • specify an emergency contact they can contact in a crisis, and
  • want to participate in a 12-week online programme with several questionnaires

For the safety of the participants, there are also some exclusion criteria:
  • There must be no diagnosis of psychosis or bipolar disorder
  • You must not be suffering from major depression as diagnosed by a physician or psychotherapist
  • You have no thoughts of suicide or intent to harm yourself

How can I participate?
If you are interested, please contact the study team by e-mail ( We are waiting to hear from you!


Study Background
Critical life events such as an accident often trigger stress, which in turn can affect thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and various physical processes in people. This also allows psychological problems to arise. Many people who experience an accident find it difficult to adapt to their new circumstances or to adjust to their new situation and develop adjustment problems. Although this is one of the most frequently diagnosed psychological problems, there is very little research and even fewer assistance and treatment programmes that can provide help for people with adjustment problems. With this study, we investigate the acceptance, effectiveness, and cost-benefit ratio of a new Internet-based self-help programme for the treatment of adjustment problems. This programme aims to improve psychological and physical well-being. Participants also learn about possible backgrounds and causes for the development of adjustment problems, which often manifest themselves as depressed moods, increased stress, fears, and worries. Practical exercises tackle these symptoms and promote participants’ adjustment to new living conditions.

Study Questions
First, the study examines whether and how the Internet-based SelFIT self-help programme differs from the usual treatment for adjustments and whether it is more effective. In addition, it identifies whether and to what extent the SelFIT programme’s clinical efficacy and the cost-benefit ratio differs from the usual treatment for adjustment problems.