Ongoing research projects:


Intervention Study - Behavior Change in Context to Contain the Spread of SARS-CoV-2

The aim of the SERENA study is to investigate the health and well-being of adults 65 or older during the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of this 3-wave survey research lies on different health behaviors, social support, and well-being.

Umfrage zur aktuellen Coronavirus-Lage (German).

Health Behaviour Change

"Understanding habit formation in physical activity behavior: An idiographic approach"
Ein Projekt zur Gewohnheitsförderung für körperliche Aktivität

The project addresses habit disruption and decay in the context of health-risk behaviors, focussing on sedentary behavior (prolonged inactivity), unhealthy snacking, alcohol consumption and smoking.

Study on increasing physical activity.

Study on increasing physical activity among senior citizens.

Studie zu Gesundheit und Stress im Alltag

Registrierte RCT zur Wirksamkeit eines web-basierten Lerntools zum Thema "Lernen lernen".

Global Health

PACT - Participatory Action for Long-Term Arsenic-Safe Water Consumption
This randomized, controlled study tests interventions for promoting sustainable arsenic-free drinking water consumption by increasing psychological ownership and habitual behaviour.

The role of psychological ownership in safe drinking water consumption in Nepal
This longitudinal study investigates the role of psychological ownership in the use of safe drinking-water options.

Women’s health in Nepal
Together with researchers and practitioners from Kathmandu University Hospital and Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Research of the ETH Domain we are investigating the physical and psychosocial consequences of carrying water on women in Nepal and looking at behavioural strategies of safe water carrying and the individual and sociostructural factors that explain whether these strategies are applied.

Sexuality and Well-Being

SeBeGe - Sexuality, relationships, and health
This questionnaire study aims to investigate interactions between the body, attitudes towards sexuality, and partnership and their significance for health and well-being.

Sexual Pleasure Matters
A questionnaire to validate the Amsterdam Sexual Pleasure Index in cooperation with researchers of the university hospital in Amsterdam.

Online Selbsthilfe PleaSure
In dieser randomisierten kontrollierten Interventionsstudie wird die Wirksamkeit einer online Selbsthilfe zur Förderung des sexuellen Vergnügens von Menschen mit einer Vulva untersucht.

Effektivität Sprechstunde nach Sexocorporel
In Kooperation mit der Universitätsklinik für Urologie des Inselspitals wird die Wirksamkeit der sexologischen Sprechstunde nach Sexocorporel untersucht.

Further information on the research group Sexuality and Health are here (German)

Completed Research Projects

List of Completed Research Projects